Giving up in order to get…

When you desire to achieve or attain something, you go after it and many times you pull out all stops to acquire what you desire.  When it comes to adoption, this is no exception.  Many people have asked us how we funded three adoptions in seven years to the tune of thousands of dollars.  Before I get into what we did, I need to tell you that we had a handful of people who surrounded us and who were also very generous.  Some people gave $100 for our cause while others gave $1.00.  Every dollar counted and whether large or small, we were and still are so grateful.  Indeed, the expense for our family was enormous.  Being in the ministry, people know exactly how much we make and it falls far short of the final price tag.  We can only say, what we experienced firsthand was a God thing.  God provided for us each step of the way.  Yet, while God was 100% in control, we were 100% willing to give up in order to make each adoption happen – within the timespan of a year each time.  Some people can write a $30,000 check and be done with it.  But that was not us.  If you are like us, you must be willing to give up and sacrifice or else it is either not going to happen anytime soon, it is going to slow you down tremendously, or else you may never achieve your ultimate goal.  Although we were never big spenders, we maximized every penny.  And literally, every penny counted.  We began each adoption by “cleaning out” our lives.  This was one of the best things we ever did.  Today, we still maintian this kind of a lifestyle and we do it joyfully.  If we didn’t use an item or could go without it, we sold it.  We went through every room in our house, looking for items to sell.  This was one of our most profitable endeavors.  Our greatest asset was using Amazon as our selling point due to the fact that our buyers were nationwide rather than localized.  We sold everything from cds, dvds, books, electronic equipment, sporting goods, furniture, kitchen items, and the list goes on.  If it wasn’t tied down, it was on the auction block.  If we couldn’t sell it or it wasn’t worth selling on Amazon, we put it in the garage sale pile.  However, there were some other important steps we took.  We totally cut out eating at restaurants.  Even today, it is rare we ever frequent a restaurant as a family due to the increasing expense.  We stretched and continue to stretch our dollar in every way possible.  We cancelled weekend getaways along with family vacations.  Last year alone, we cut out our two summer vacations which we had already scheduled and booked.  At times, Jody worked as many as six-part time jobs and looked for other ways to bring in additional income.  We sold our gold including Joe’s wedding band [there is an incredible story behind this found on our Journey to Me blog].  We made a habit of calling all of our utility carriers to rework our plans, looking for better pricing and the best deal possible.  We shopped at “second time around” shops  and purchased items only when they were on sale.  We still do this today.  Rather than move to a bigger home to accommodate our growing family, we stayed put and maximized the space in our existing home – 1,250 sq ft upstairs and another 600 sq ft downstairs.  We didn’t hire out the renovations needed to bring in another child [unless we needed to, like breaking through the concrete], which would have made it a whole lot easier, we did them ourselves.  Our kids – not only did they give up many of the conveniences which they previously enjoyed, they had to work for what they received including paying for their own cell phones, purchasing their own school clothes and anything extra they wanted.  I know, it’s terrible!  And yes, they still do this today.  But, I will tell you, they have not only developed a greater appreciation for what they have, they have become little entrepreneurs in their own right, buying and selling to bring in additional income for themselves.  In the end, it did take some sacrifices.  But in all honesty, we were only “sacrificing” some of the comforts and conveniences which we had become accustomed to.  Today, we don’t miss any of those things.  The best part of this story is – seven years and three precious children later – PAID IN FULL!


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Our home is Okemos, Michigan. Our life is the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. Our worship is of God alone. Our goal is to live a supernatural life.

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