It’s more than a field…

SONY DSCThis past weekend, I had the opportunity to fly back to the east coast where I grew up in New Hampshire, to spend a handful of days with my family.  It is something we as siblings attempt to do each year one way or another.  Having been spread abroad for the last 28 years has made it difficult, but we make our best ditch effort and most of the time we succeed.  On the agenda each trip is to run by the cemetery where our mother’s earthly body awaits her new heavenly body one day.  However, this field is more than just the earthly resting place – it’s a place filled with some of the greatest memories from our childhood.  Beyond the granite stone with her name etched on it you will see a field.  This isn’t any field, this was the home of Dover Southside Little League Baseball for many, many years before it was given back to the city in order to expand the cemetery.  For six years, this is where our family spent our summers.  For six years, this is where our mother would bring us after working nine-hour days so we could play little league baseball from the first of May all the way through the all-star season of August with the aspiration of making it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to play in the Little League World Series.  This is where we would spend our week nights and long Saturdays as she watched and encouraged her three children.  This is where she cheered on our team as my sister Julie, as the starting pitcher, threw all six innings as a twelve-year-old where we won the Southside Little League Championship.  The best part of that game, in this all boys league, was when we got to pig-pile on her after she threw the final strike out by the pitcher’s mound.  This is also where my mother stood next to me after a game when I apologized to the umpire for arguing a called third strike – which by the way was right down the middle of the plate.  Yes, I was mimicking what I saw in the major leagues but still, that was no excuse.  This is where she spent six years watching us as we fielded grounders, ran after fly-balls, made some incredible plays along with our share of errors, took our many turns at bat, won the vast majority of our games and even experienced the agony of defeat from time to time.  This is where she encouraged us to try our best, play with a positive attitude, taught us that winning wasn’t everything and instilled in us to play the game with integrity.  The place which we visit each time we come to this field is more than just a place where her earthly body lay, waiting for the heavenly resurrection; it is a place which brings back some of the greatest memories of our childhood.  It’s a place which brought a plethora of joy and happiness, but one day, this will be the place where an everlasting joy and happiness will be introduced for a final time.


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  1. What a great mom! I admire the fact that she made you apologize to the umpire! Who would have that after all those years at the ballpark her earthly resting place would be right there? What a glorious reunion awaits your family when the dead in Christ arise!

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