Controlled Chaos…

SONY DSCOne topic which I am always willing to address is the subject of busyness.  Sometimes the busyness we create can be put into the category of being good and beneficial while other times, it is detrimental to life, Godliness and productivity.  For the last few weeks, we have found ourselves caught in this controlled trap of busyness as we were locked into a nine week renovation project.  It was a good busyness because of our purpose and end result.  It began in October and ended the second week of January…at least the vast majority was completed by then.  It was a project we have been thinking about for twelve years, but in the meantime, there were some more important “projects” that we were engaged in and had a greater priority – “projects” such as three little kids.  Jody was the mastermind behind this renovation while I just worked to complete what needed to get done and done on time.  In the end, our little renovation turned out better than expected, giving us the needed room not only for our own growing family, but to have people in our house again.  Now, three or four weekends a month, we have groups of people over, either our Life Group, College group or friends as we enjoy life together.  I can’t even begin to calculate the many hours we invested in the project, but we stand back today, a little inconvenienced along the way, living out of our garage for a while, twelve years in the making, glad we made this investment not only for our family but for the ministry we can have to others.  Smaller projects still remain, but we will tackle those little by little as time, energy and money allows.  While in the midst of the construction, Jody and I made two trips out of State, one to Florida and one to Las Vegas – on business of course.  We are always thankful for the opportunity to get away for a couple of days here and there, something which does not happen very often.  In the midst of it all, we found ourselves traversing through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.  Before we knew it, they had all come and gone.  It was a most special month for us as the holidays were a little different – so much more simpler but seemingly more enjoyable and meaningful.  We purposefully didn’t get lost in the fanfare or the indulgence of the season, but plainly enjoyed our time worshipping, celebrating and being together as a family.  SONY DSC

As we embarked on a new year, we were thankful for God’s provision in 2013.  One truth we see so evident in our lives is, you cannot out give God.  As we sought to invest our time, talents, gifts and resources for Him, He provided ever so abundantly for us.  What this allowed us to do was to once again, invest what we were given to make an impact for Him.  With social media being prevalent in our lives and with the opportunity to re-invest those dollars into something more meaningful, we chose not to send out our traditional Christmas letter this year.  This has been a long standing struggle for us as we sought what was the best use of those dollars.  No, were weren’t being scrooges, although yes, a couple of people let those words fly in our direction.  Rather, we chose to take those monies that we would use for Christmas cards and postage, and give the money to three families for Christmas – people who had needs and most certainly a greater investment in our book on so many different levels.  So, here’s a snapshot…a quick snapshot of the Dabrowski doldrums:  Caleigh continues to do well even with a couple of glitches in her health along the way.  We are grateful for the continued improvement of medical technology and especially Mott’s Children’s Hospital who care for her needs very well.  Even on her down days, Caleigh is so unique in that her personality still shines ever so brightly – a trait that makes her such a special young lady.  She loves going to school but not so much the work.  To her, it’s all about the socialization – but that will allow her to be a great witness for Jesus.  On the other hand, Jackson continues to make great strides each week – well, this week he had just a little setback.  But as Jody says quite frequently, give him time – so we give him the time to grow and flourish.  He loves the first grade and continues to impress us with his “brilliant mind.”  He is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is amazing ???????????????????????????????how much he has embraced in a little more than two years.  He visits his ophthalmologist in Hillsdale every three to six months to have his vision checked.  His eyesight continues to improve and once again, we are anticipating his next visit at the end of this month to see what progress he has made.  Chloe, the once little girl we brought home from China now some five years ago is on the threshold of turning double digits – ten years old.  She continues to excel in all areas of life.  She is a great big sister to Caleigh and Jackson, and is the one who steps up, takes responsibility and makes sure they are on task.  Chloe had her yearly checkup with her specialist just last week with no issues.  Other than taking labs twice a year, she has been given a clean bill of health for another twelve months.  Jillian just completed her next to last semester of high school pulling straight A’s once again.  She has been weighing her options of what she will be doing in the coming months and it looks as though attending Liberty University in the fall is her plan.  She has already applied, been accepted and received some academic scholarships.  It is hard to believe that in only four months, our second child will be graduating from high school, releasing them into the world to do some amazing things for God.  Seph continues to be focused as he plans for his future.  In the fall, he applied for and was hired at Option One Credit Union in Lansing where he works twenty-five hours each week.  In addition, he goes to college full time majoring in the area of business, hoping to land the CEO position at a Credit Union one day.  Yes, he has high aspirations.  And when he sets his mind to something, there’s no stopping him.  In his free time, when he’s not working, going to school, studying, hanging out with friends or spending time with his gal, you will find him at the gym working out.  Jody continues to make the hour long drive to Farmington Hills each day working as Assistant Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management at Community Choice Credit Union.  She loves her job, the people whom she works with and the challenge of her career.  Her life and our lives are about to get a little more busy as she begins graduate school, working on her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  Together we have a plan and purpose in mind to where we would like this to lead, but time will tell and only God knows the desires of our hearts.  So, we…she will press on in this endeavor, now having six of our family members in the classroom each day.  2013 was a great year for our family and for the ministry we are passionate about.  In 2014, we are praying for greater things and to be used in greater ways.  Whatever it may hold, it is our purpose to honor God in all things…Sola Deo Gloria.


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Our home is Okemos, Michigan. Our life is the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. Our worship is of God alone. Our goal is to live a supernatural life.

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